The Advocacy Program assists individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families to become informed about resources, services and supports that are available to meet their needs. Our Advocate help consumers navigate through service systems such as education, developmental programs, federal funding streams, medical assistance, legal assistance, housing transportation, social security, trusts & wills, and community supports and resources.

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Arc ADVANCE Pre-Employment Transition Services are designed and tailored to meeting the transition service needs of students with disabilities, ages 14-21. This innovative approach to obtaining pre-employment transition services is made possible through partnership with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. The Arc of Dauphin County’s collaboration with school districts, community partners and local businesses supports inclusive workplace opportunities for students with disabilities.

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Community Life 

Aktion Club

Since 2008, The Arc of Dauphin County has participated in the Aktion Club, which is a Kiwanis Service Leadership Program that provides adults with disabilities an opportunity to develop initiative and leadership skills, while serving their communities. Highly philanthropic, the Aktion Club performs community service for and donates to many local organizations throughout Dauphin County in an effort to develop competent, capable and caring leaders. Club members make a collective decision as to which organizations receive donations.

First Friday Dances

On the first Friday of each month, The Arc of Dauphin County hosts a dance for adults with disabilities in the Harsco Center Community Room from 5:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. The dances provide opportunities for socialization, fun, food, and friendship in an accepting and inviting atmosphere.

Super Six

Formed by The Arc of Dauphin County, Super Six is a group, which includes six individuals with intellectual disabilities. Group members are provided with opportunities to become better acquainted with their local and surrounding communities. This is accomplished through community exploration, shopping trips and volunteering with various community service organizations.

Additional Community-Based Services and Activities

The Arc of Dauphin County offers additional services and activities that provide consumers with opportunities for socialization and community integration, while promoting individual choice. These activities include the annual Valentine’s Day Dinner and Dance, the annual Speak Out Celebration in March, which celebrates Intellectual and Developmental Disability Awareness Month, and an art show that allows consumers to present their expressions through the power of painting, drawing and photography. The Arc also participates in and organizes events that help create awareness and bring the community and consumers closer together.

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Computer Skills Training

Our Computer Skills Training program stands out from the rest and differs from mainstream computer training in that it provides individual skills assessments, development of customized trainings tailored to individual needs and skill level, a design for individuals who have limited experience with Microsoft Windows®, word processing or need a refresher to gain the skills needed to be workforce ready, and a small group setting with exceptional trainers.

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The Kids on the Block

The Kids on the Block is a troupe of puppets with and without disabilities that performs skits designed to show school-age children what it is like to have a disability as some of their peers may have. These engaging puppet presentations teach children that children with disabilities, though they may seem different, are just regular kids. The presentations are performed in a lively and entertaining manner, and the educational curricula help to create positive attitudinal and behavioral change for present and future generations.

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Positive Behavior Support

Positive Behavior Support is a person-centered program that is developed within the broader context of all aspects of an individual’s life. It provides individuals, families and staff with strategies and skills that contribute to independence and successful involvement in everyday life. This service is focused on evidence-based assessments and procedures that enhance each individual’s unique abilities and contributions while teaching new skills to replace challenging behaviors, reinforce socially appropriate behavior and ensure safety.

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Representative Payee

Representative Payees are appointed by the Social Security Administration or Department of Veterans Affairs to manage Social Security and Disability benefits as well as Supplemental Security Income on behalf of individuals needing financial assistance. Our Representative Payee program maintains a personal account for each consumer, which is used for financial obligations and monthly bills. Working closely with Case Managers and consumers, The Arc’s Representative Payees develop personalized budgets tailored to specific responsibilities and needs.

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The Arc’s respite program provides consumers with different opportunities to experience a variety of weekend supportive and supervised activities while providing much needed respite for families and caregivers. Weekends are themed and have accompanying fun-filled activities.