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Programs and Services


The Arc recognizes and upholds the rights of consumers and families by providing assistance in asserting their rights and finding appropriate services in all community arenas through the Advocacy program.
The Community and Educational Advocate at The Arc assists with improving links and communications between the Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities system, the community, and people who have developmental disabilities. The Arc’s advocates make referrals and assist with problem-solving. They assist parents with understanding and assuring their child’s rights within the public education system and support adults with living, working, legal, medical and other issues.
If you are in need of advocacy support, contact Kathy Gingerich, (717) 920-2727; by fax at (717) 920-2730; or by email.


The Arc provides a variety of educational options open to local school districts as well as consumers, parents, families, and professionals in the Intellectual Disabilties System.

Financial Services

Individualized and Customized Training

Each of the services in the Individualized and Customized Training programs are designed to help people with intellectual disabilities learn the skills they need to live fuller, more successful lives. Below you will find more information about each type of training program offered at The Arc.